Finlayson’s have been producing solid timber mouldings for over 140 years. In fact, many of the traditional profiles that were used in the magnificent old Queenslanders were supplied by Finlayson’s and are still available today.

Finlayson’s are proud suppliers of plantation Araucaria with chain of custody certification from Australian Forestry Standard plantations. Our moulding range is one of the largest you will find anywhere in Australia. We carry in excess of 200 traditional and contemporary profiles in stock at any one time and if our range doesn’t meet your requirements then we will simply match it.

Our carefully crafted mouldings are available in both clear grade and finger jointed plantation Araucaria, as well as other cabinet species. Araucaria has a straight, even grain that provides a superior finish with no furriness or raised grain. It is clearly the premium moulding product.

Finlayson's Moulding
Finlayson's Moulding

*Please note: Prices in catalogue are a "Guide only" and are subject to change, please confirm current pricing with a Finlayson representative.

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