Scyon™ and James Hardie® Products

James Hardie is an international building product manufacturer and a global leader in fibre-reinforced cement. Now operating in it's 125 year, the company continues to challenge convention within the construction industry and leads the way in delivering innovative building products.

James Hardie® building products provide a complete solution for creating well-designed homes. They are available in numerous profiles and finishes for a range of interior and exterior building applications. The products work well on their own or in unison with one another, so you can incorporate single or multiple products in a design.

The products are used extensively in new residential construction, manufactured housing, repair and remodelling, as well as a variety of commercial and industrial applications.

James Hardie® fibre reinforced cement products will not burn, are resistant to moisture, termite damage, rotting and warping*. They are impact resistant, low in maintenance and highly durable. The Scyon™ range of advanced cement composite products also exhibit low density qualities making them easier to handle and install without compromising the core DNA of James Hardie™ durability.

Finlayson's is a major James Hardie distributor and carries a comprehensive range of building products and accessories.

Finlayson's Scyon and James Hardie Products
Finlayson's Scyon and James Hardie Products

*Please note: Prices in catalogue are a "Guide only" and are subject to change, please confirm current pricing with a Finlayson representative.

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