Engineered Wood Products

Over recent years, a family of engineered wood products has been developed and introduced which provide architects, designers and builders with more choice and ability to use wood products in situations where conventional timber would not always be viable.

Engineered Products such as Glulam (Glue laminated timber), LVL (laminated veneered lumber) and timber I-beams are common place.

All are able to offer the aesthetic and environmental benefits of wood along with additional properties and strengths often associated with materials such as steel or concrete.

Straight, light weight and strong providing environmentally friendly timber solutions - particularly where longer spans or higher strength are required. Finlayson’s are a premium distributor of the complete Hyne, Tilling and Dindas engineered wood product ranges.

Finlayson’s supply the full range of engineered wood products and can assist with computer design and spanning information on request. We believe engineered wood products to be the future in Australia’s building industry.

Finlayson's Engineered Wood Products
Finlayson's Engineered Wood Products

*Please note: Prices in catalogue are a "Guide only" and are subject to change, please confirm current pricing with a Finlayson representative.

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